Fans of ABC’s “Nashville” now have their very own city tour

ABC's "Nashville" now has its own tour of Music City. 

Fans of the ABC drama can now hop a tour bus and be shown all the places they see weekly on the television show thanks to a new bus tour from Gray Line of Tennessee.

The tour actually launched in April but The Tennessean just recently sent a reporter out to see what it was all about.

By the looks of it, it's a pretty interesting tour showing fans the houses of the stars on the show as well as and famous businesses and spots where scenes from the show have been shot. 

Of course, "Nashville" is a T.V. show which means that it could be canceled at any time.  

“We’re an ABC-approved tour, so we were very much on pins and needles,” said Kate Kleinrock, Gray Line of Tennessee’s retail sales division manager about waiting to see if the show was renewed for another season.

Luckily for fans (and the tour), "Nashville" has been picked up for a second season, although no premiere date has been announced yet. 



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