Exclusive: Sweetwater Rain on overcoming stage fright, love of Don Knotts and opening for The Band Perry & Little Big Town

Sweetwater Rain

Sweetwater Rain have only been together for two short years, but the band — comprised of Danny Rivera, Fred Stallcup and Thomas Hewlett — has already racked up over 100,000 Youtube views on their single "Starshine." Plus, the trio opened for The Band Perry and Little Big Town on select dates throughout the year. It would seem that such quick success would have inflated their sense of self, but that is not the case. They remain down-home boys simply making the music they love.

Nashville Gab recently spoke with the band about their upcoming album, musical influences, love of Don Knotts and the first record they ever listened to. They also opened up about which Country megastar's concert they once snuck into (and much more).

Note: At first, I was going to transcribe this entire interview, but they are just too hilarious not to share the audio clip. They actually interviewed me, too. That was not planned. Check it out below:

Sweetwater Rain – CMA Music Festival Interview from Jason Scott on Vimeo.


Photo Credit: Facebook

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