“Don’t Cross Me Wrong” single by John Oates & Vince Gill set for release July 16 (from the mailbag)


John Oates is taking fans on a cross-genre journey with his latest project, Good Road To Follow. The second single "Don't Cross Me Wrong," a forewarning blues-rock track written and produced with country icon Vince Gill, will be released on July 16.

"Having the chance to write, record and co-produce with Vince Gill was, without a doubt, a highlight in my musical life, adds Oates when asked about the single. "I've been a fan of Vince for years and consider him to be one of the greatest vocalists and guitarists of our time."

The song, which is the first collaboration between Oates and Gill, proved to be an effortless partnership. Written in Gill's living room, Oates notes that the idea started with a title and developed easily, "We wrote the song in literally a half an hour. In fact, it happened so quickly, I kind of looked at him and said, 'did we just finish this?'"

"Don't Cross Me Wrong" features a stellar cast of Nashville's finest including Tom Bukovac (guitar), Willie Weeks (bass), Chad Cromwell (drums), Colin Linden (slide), Kevin McKendree (keyboards), June Hope (horns), a guitar solo from Gill, and vocals from Oates, Gill and Bekka Bramlett. "You just cast the right players, and you go in and everybody's creative…if you trust those gifted people that play music, they won't steer you wrong," said Gill of the recording process.

The result is raw and gritty with notes of both artists clearly audible. "It was fun to watch him work and realize why he's had the great career that he has," said Gill of working with Oates. "I love things that take me a little bit out of my element and maybe that's what made it fun for him too."

Unrestricted by musical barriers, Oates has collaborated with some of the world's brightest music makers, ranging from acclaimed songwriter/producer/rocker Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, to pop band Hot Chelle Rae, to Gill.

Oates will release a single-a-month from the PS Records / Elektra Records project. Fans can subscribe to the series receiving a new download and exclusive content every four weeks, purchase limited edition clothing and merchandise inspired by the songs, and individual tracks.

These remarkable collaborative experiences, combined with not having to think about the album as a cohesive collection, give Oates the freedom to explore his wide range of influences, and there's no limit to the number of songs that could follow. "Who knows, this could be a recording project that never ends," Oates muses. "I'm having more fun now than I've ever had in my career."

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