Do you suppose LeAnn Rimes realizes she’s really the only one still talking about her affair?


Let me ask you a question … how many of you still give a shit about the fact that LeAnn Rimes cheated on her husband and eventually married the man of her dreams, the man she cheated on her ex with? 

If you're like me you definitely DIDN'T raise your hand. 

The fact of the matter is I think most of us could care less about that whole episode anymore. Sheesh, it's been like four years now. Do we agree with what she did? No. Are we over it? Hell yeah.

Unfortunately, LeAnn doesn't seem to be quite over it … that or she just really loves all the drama.  

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, LeAnn once again stands up and says she's over all the drama of her past mistakes, and yet drudges it all back up:

"I think it's kind of interesting how country music is about 'real life,' but there are people who don't me to live it," she notes. "Within real life you make mistakes. And you know, you own up to them and move on. And that's the greatest thing–we've all moved on. And it's time for other people to move on. But it seems now to be this story, almost this soap opera, that people are invested in. They love the drama of it. Which is insane to me."

"But it's like it's been 4 and a half, almost 5 years. So, you know, thank God it makes for great music," she deadpans. "When you listen to Spitfire, I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. It's just the truth. I say it's the truth in no particular order, 'cause it is. And I feel like so many people have written such a skewed story…it's also very skewed to paint a picture of myself and my husband that's completely opposite of what we really are. So I think through my music I was able to finally have a voice in my own life. And I think that when you listen to this record you take a piece of me away, 'cause it's that personal."


"It's time for other people to move on." I honestly wish LeAnn would follow her own advice.

LeAnn's last album tanked and tanked hard. The first week it was released, "Spitfire" only sold 10,798 copies. — and it's a damn good album, one that I actually have in my own car.

Yes, I was one of those 10,000 first-week album buyers.

The fans have spoken by not opening their wallets. People, I think, are just tired of the drama. Unfortunately, it's drama that LeAnn can't seem to quit bringing up. I realize that interviewers ask the questions that the famous person answers, but a polite I'm done talking about that would be great and would probably go far where fans are concerned. 


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    Definitely – I enjoyed the album too but I wish she would quit talking to the media about her personal life. She was so good at keeping it private before the affair.


    AMEN! How can anyone move on when she hasn’t move herself! Newsflash LeAnn Rimes….GET OVER IT!

  3. Vickye

    The thing is, as I discovered when I reviewed the album, there are still so many people obsessed with the whole thing. And she’s still trying to promote her album, which is about all of this stuff.
    If she’s still talking about it in a year, fair enough. But I think the album release at least gives her some license to do it. I mean, she gets hassled on social media incessantly by crazy people who still hate her guts for it.

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