Did Blake Shelton skip Toby Keith’s fundraiser because Toby skipped his?


So has anyone else wondered exactly why Blake Shelton and Toby Keith didn't perform at each other's tornado relief concerts?

Blake performed his Healing In The Heartland benefit back on May 29 and Toby Keith had his Oklahoma Twister Relief show on July 6. I never got the feeling that they were dueling benefits between two Oklahoma boys or anything like that, but you do kind of have to wonder why two proud Oklahoma natives didn't join forces to help the other raise money for the state they love.

Toby was actually asked why he didn't perform for Blake's show recently and his answer was understandable. 

“The first concert they did, that Blake and those guys did, was wonderful because it was a TV show and it pumped a lot of money in quick and fast,” Toby told reporters. “I just couldn’t do it five or six days after because it was just too soon for me to be downtown playing music. I had, you know, stuff to deal with here,” he added.

Toby is actually from Moore, Oklahoma where the huge E5 tornado hit on May 20, and much of his family still lives there so it's very understandable why he chose to skip Blake's fundraiser, but why exactly did Blake not perform at Toby's?

The question hit me because an article in Men's Journal's August issue shows that Blake was initially interested in performing for Toby's benefit show, but for some reason that never happened. During the interview, the interviewer is privy to a conversation Blake's having with people while he's trying to nail down the lineup for his benefit concert. At one point he says:  

"I don't want it to be, like, depressing," he says. "More triumphant – something heartwarming." He also wants to keep it all Oklahoma country artists if they can: "Carrie [Underwood] said she wants to do it," Shelton says. "And I sent you an email – we need to get Garth." The producer says they're also talking to Toby Keith, but he's potentially doing a benefit of his own. "Tell Toby I'll do his concert if he'll do mine," Shelton says. 

Tell Toby I'll do his concert if he'll do mine.


I've tried to see if Blake had a show somewhere on July 6 that would have prevented him from performing for Toby, but so far I've found nothing. I'm curious to know if Blake was asked to take part in Toby's benefit concert, although I have a feeling it's a question that will never get answered.


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  1. Shannon

    I wasn’t trying to start a rumor, just commenting on something Blake said in an interview. I’m glad both did their own fundraisers to raise even more money.
    As for the no kind of credentials comment, what does that even mean?
    I find things that interest me and write about them. That’s what I do. Sorry if it pisses people off sometimes.

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