Craig Morgan toasts the troops and helps with marriage proposal on stage

Craig Morgan WQIK
Photo courtesy WQIK
Craig Morgan recently performed for a USO event and during the concert helped a fan propose to his girlfriend. From an email I received from my friends at Jacksonville, Florida's 99.1 WQIK:
Morgan was in Jacksonville, Florida, Thursday, July 11, to do a free concert for
the USO… well, he helped out the USO and helped a man propose to his
girlfriend, all with a swollen left eye.  
It all went down at the
Jacksonville Landing in downtown Jacksonville, a popular spot for events. Craig
was in town for the Jack Daniel Distillery and USO "Toast to the Troops"
campaign, in which volunteers held a "Stuffing Party" to fill 7,500 Operation
USO Care Packages for men and women serving overseas.
After a storm delayed the
concert for about an hour, Craig finally took the stage. During his performance
of "Love Loves a Long Night," Craig brought the couple up on stage, stopping the
song long enough for the proposal. She said yes, the crowd went wild, and then
Craig serenaded the newly-engaged couple with the rest of the song, while they
danced on stage. 
As for the eye…. Craig
wore sunglasses during the show, to cover up the very swollen left eye due to a bee sting he got
earlier in the week. Saving people… helping guys propose… performing with
just one eye… all in a month's work for Craig Morgan!
You can watch the proposal video below. You can also watch video of the storm here and check out all the concert photos here.

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