Country music festival brings big names, big crowds, big bucks and STDs apparently

The Craven Country Jamboree bills itself as the "world's greatest country music festival," and with names like Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Brantley Gilbert, and the Dixie Chicks getting ready to grace their grounds this weekend, they might just be on the right track. 

However, there's one thing people who will be attending this year's festival might want to think about before getting their festival on … sexually transmitted diseases. 

Sorry, it's way too early for this story, but that's me — here providing news-you-can-use to horny country fans since 2008. 

Besides, CBC News started it.

Since The Craven County Jamboree is taking place this weekend, July 11-14, CBC News decided to delve into an interesting side effect of the popular Canadian country music festival … the upswing in visits to the area's Planned Parenthood once it's over. 

"It's a big event," the director of Planned Parenthood Regina, Christine Smith, told the website. "You know you can't control people, so you really just have to make things available."


Christine says that every year the amount of country fans visiting their facilities after the festival ends has grown. According to Smith, most people visiting are seeking advice on sexually transmitted infections, or STIs.

"After the event is complete, we usually see an increase in people coming to the sexual health clinic for STI testing and pregnancy testing," Smith told CBC News.

The clinic does try and be proactive by providing pamphlets and condoms onsite at the festival which, with around 23,500 country music fans expected to attend this year's festival, is one really big job.

Do yourself and your fellow walking petrie dishes country music fans a favor, if you come across that cute pair of Wranglers and can't help yourself (and didn't come prepared), proceed to your nearest Planned Parenthood worker and be safe. 

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