Check out the first episode of CMT’s first animated comedy BOUNTY HUNTERS today on (from the mailbag)

!cid_image001_jpg@01CE7D57Check out the first
episode of CMT’s first animated comedy, BOUNTY HUNTERS, today on The 13-episode series
premieres Saturday, July 13, at 10:00 p.m., ET/PT, starring the voices
of Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy, as they track down
fugitives for their own two-bit bounty hunting business.

The team will do
their best to chase down fugitives, while trying to please the tough-as-nails
bondswoman who throws them cases, voiced by Lisa Lampanelli. The guys will have
to deal with friends and family like Jeff's sassy ex-wife and her smarmy new
husband, voiced by “The Daily Show’s” Samantha Bee and Jason Jones; and the
local rednecks like Jesco (who just so happens to be Jeff's dad) voiced by
comedy great Dave Thomas. Their bounties are always peculiar and are voiced by
guest stars like Kellie Pickler, and Blake Shelton voices the guys' rival,
Bounty Hunter Buck Masters. 

Episode 101 – “Three
Rednecks and a Baby”

Jeff, Bill and Larry
have set a trap for Beaumont Boudreaux, a fugitive survivalist who lives in
Skeeter Swamp. But when their sting operation goes awry, Boudreaux escapes in a
stolen minivan. The boys chase him into the swamp where his car gets a flat and
he flees into the brush. As they get ready to search the swamp for Boudreaux,
Jeff discovers there's a baby in the stolen minivan. Day stretches into night
and the challenges of caring for a crying baby and catching Boudreaux test the
guys’ friendship and ability to work as a team.