Catching Up With Songwriter Westin Davis


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It wasn't that long ago I did a feature on one of Nashville's up and coming songwriters Westin Davis. It turns out we are cut from the same cloth and we had a instant friend connection. I can't even count the times I've gotten messages from females wanting to know who this Westin guy was tweeting me. Since I'm a generous person I decided to give all those ladies out there what they want…prepare yourself for part two of my Westin Davis interview.

So last time I talked to you, there was a lot of touring going down. Are you still out there on the road writing with artists?

Yeah. My buddy Kip Moore is working on a new album so I've been out with him writing for it.

So how is that record coming along?

It's coming along great. I said it once & I'll say it again, this record will show what a true talent my brother is. I really believe what he is doing will be timeless. We are all part of something big.

Has he recorded any of your songs yet?

He's gone in to record the first round of songs and he cut four of mine.

That's great news! Any potential singles?

(laughs) Well I don't want to get the cart before the horse..but I do believe I'm sittin' in a good position for some singles.

All the ladies demand to know if you are single? I think my inbox blows up weekly with females asking about you.

(laughs) I've heard that alot lately. I was proudly taken but now I am newly single. To be honest I've never been one to date or jump around a lot. When you know, you know.

I know you recently went back to your hometown for some relaxation time, how was that? 

Being home on the water makes me the happiest. It's where I look inside, at where I've been and where I'm going. I love how everything slows down to what really matters in this salty town.

Westin recently took some time off to kick it back in his hometown on the beaches of Fernandina, FL but assures me that time off is limited and songwriting rarely gets a day of rest. Not only does he have a outlaw personality, but his songwriting speaks for itself as well. Westin Davis can be described using two words: BAD ASS!!!!

You can follow Westin via twitter @WestinDavis

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