Exclusive: “American Idol” alum Kimberley Locke remembers “Glee” star Cory Monteith


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"American Idol" Season 2 alum Kimberley Locke strutted her stuff in a gorgeous gown at the 5th Annual Glitter & Glam event in Nashville on Sunday, July 28. Sponsored by Agape Animal Rescue, the whole evening took place at The Hutton Hotel and featured a night of fashion, wine tasting and plenty of appearances by man's best friend. Kimberley co-hosted the evening alongside country singer Phoenix Stone, and moments before taking the stage, both performers sauntered down the red carpet to pose and catch up with reporters.

Nashville Gab had a chance for a quick chat with Kimberley about the event, as well as her thoughts on the late "Glee" star Cory Monteith, with whom she had a passing connection.


"I don't have dogs," she said. "I travel so much, I could not have a dog. This is my way of giving back." [laughs]

She continued, "I think this [Agape] is a great organization because 100% of all the donations go toward taking care of the dogs and making sure not only that they are placed in a home but that they have treatments that they need or need shots and things like that. So, it's 100% a charitable donation."

"I think what they've done differently is that it's not about having a facility. They have a network of people. We all know that people are powerful. These are people who are willing to foster these dogs until they find a permanent home. I think that's really special because if you're not sure you want a dog or can handle a dog, you can be a foster parent."

On the passing of "Glee" star Cory Monteith earlier this month, Kimberley had nothing but kind words to say about the promising actor. Days following his untimely death on July 13, the singer took to Facebook to post the following photograph:

"Very saddened to hear the news of Cory Monteith's death. Our acquaintance was brief, but it's always so tragic when a promising star leaves us too soon. Thanks to Dave Szewczuk for sharing this photo from an event we did together in 2009. Rest in Peace Cory," she had posted.

"I think when I saw Cory, I thought about my own journey, when I first met him," she recounted at the event. "When I met Cory, 'Glee' was at its peak, and here they are, young adults on the rise, just like with 'American Idol.' [There's] a lot of pressure, and it's a lot of stuff all at once. Some people can handle it, and some people can't."

She added, "He seemd really mature and really level headed. I don't think people expected what happened to happen."


Photo Credit: Dave Szewczuk / Facebook

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