George Jones “Amazing Grace” to be released September 10 (from the mailbag)


Bandit Records will proudly release GEORGE JONES – AMAZING
on September 10th, two days before what would have been
Jones’ 82nd birthday.  Jones, a partner in Bandit Records, recorded the gospel
songs with producer Billy Sherrill in 2002 with the exception of one track,
“Great Judgment Morning,” which was produced by Brian Ahern in 1994.

Billy Sherrill songs represent the final sessions between Jones and Sherrill. 
Sherrill had retired and was not interested in going back into the studio. 
Jones was persistent in trying to get Sherrill to do one last project and they
finally agreed to do a Gospel Collection.  It also marked the first time that
Jones’ had actually recorded an entire Gospel project and not just isolated
songs tacked onto the end of secular sessions.

“Great Judgment Morning”
was one of those songs tacked onto the end of his Bradley Barn recording
sessions.  Assembled that day were friends such as Waylon Jennings, Jessi
Colter, Travis Tritt, Ricky Skaggs, Marty Stuart and Connie Smith who all added
their vocal interpretations of that classic gospel favorite.


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Steve Wariner has been stalked for the last 24 years by the same fan because people be crazy

Steve wariner
Many stars have stalkers, but most stalking incidents last days, months or occasionally years, but don't usually go into the decade territory. 

Holes In The Floor Of Heaven singer Steve Wariner amazingly has had the same stalker since 1989 and has just sued the woman, Linda Marie Shin, seeking a restraining order after she flew to Nashville to see him and do who knows what.  

According to Courthouse News, Wariner first had contact with Linda back in 1989 when she lied about her son having terminal cancer so that she could score a backstage meet & greet. According to court documents, Shin has continued to harass Wariner and his wife since then, writing hundreds of letters and even pleading for money. Recently she's been posting online about Wariner, even saying at one point, "We do it all the time spiritually."

According to documents, Steve was nice to Shin initially and brought her and her son backstage to multiple shows to take pictures with the boy he believed was dying from cancer. That stopped once it was revealed that Shin had lied about the terminal cancer and that her son had never even been diagnosed with the disease. 


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Joe Nichols ‘Sunny and 75’ – Review


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Joe Nichols’ latest single ‘Sunny and 75’ was released back
in May, but it’s really starting to climb its way up the charts now and
deserves review. As a song that gave Joe the biggest country radio add week of
his entire career, it’s clearly one that’s put him back on the map for many
people, and is perhaps introducing him to a whole new generation of listeners
who have only made inroads into country in the past couple of years.

This generation of people is of course those who buy the
beach-themed, frat party songs, and lyrically it’s evident Joe’s team have
attempted to tap into that market, in order to give his sales a bump. Now I,
only with many others I can presume, am not the biggest fans of those types of
songs and lyrics, but thankfully the rest of the song shies away from the
blatant attempts at drawing country away from its roots, and most of the lyrics
don’t dwell too much on this image.


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