Jana Kramer ‘I Hope It Rains’ – Video Review


The first single of Jana’s released to radio to be upbeat
and sassy, ‘I Hope It Rains’ is a solid single that required an equally dynamic
video. This is what they have delivered; it’s certainly nice to see Jana having
a good time in a music video, and her camera technique is very good.

The video for ‘I Hope It Rains’ is built around a line in
the second verse of the song about a white wedding. The storyline shows Jana
infiltrating the wedding venue, wearing the bridal gown (plus sneakers) and
dancing around, then as the video progresses we begin to see a bit of trashing
the place, Taylor Swift/Miranda Lambert-style. Turning the aisle into a slip
slide with her band, taking the figurines off the wedding cake and knocking
over glasses on the tables as she tiptoes along them, this video had all the
makings of a fun revenge fest, but doesn’t quite deliver its full potential.


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