Jason Aldean beams Kelly Clarkson into concert … here’s how those country holograms work

Photo courtest Wrangler Last night for his historic concert at Fenway Park in Boston, Jason Aldean had a special guest ... Kelly Clarkson.  Only it wasn't Kelly Clarkson -- not…

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Kellie Pickler ‘Someone Somewhere Tonight’ – Video Review


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While I was a little
critical of the production on this song
, they could not really have done
better with the video. Apart from the slow, smooth movement and pastel colors
complimenting the feel of the ballad exceptionally well, there is a marketing
strategy involved that I’m sure will really boost the sales of this record and
put Kellie’s music back on the country music radar.

Her popularity on Dancing With The Stars makes featuring her
dancing with her partner Derek Hough a no-brainer, as it draws in views and
listens from those who do not know her music but simply enjoyed her dancing on
the show (and I can imagine this is quite a high number of people). It
capitalizes on the post-winning buzz and also makes her identifiable for
channel-hoppers, for example. Then there’s the simple fact that she’s just damn
good at it. It makes for fantastic viewing, and will stand out among country
music videos that mostly depict people getting drunk in trucks and partying. A
music video that actually shows talent and will be awe-inspiring for viewers is
one of the best adverts Kellie could have for this song.


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