Tribal leaders in trouble for holding illegal hunts for country singers

Deer hunting

There are enough places to hunt legally in this big ol' country of ours, so why is it that people keep taking country stars on illegal hunts?

According to, three former Blackfeet tribal leaders have been sentenced to three years probation for holding illegal big-game hunts for country singers including Josh Thompson, Justin Moore and Mark Cooke who were all taping an outdoor television show on the Montana reservation. 

John Michael Montgomery had also been expected to hunt, but due to a scheduling conflict never did.

On top of probation, Jay St. Goddard, Jay Wells, and Gayle Skunkcap Jr. were also ordered to pay $56,625 in restitution after they pleaded guilty to holding four hunts in 2010 and 2011 without the proper licenses and to using tribal funds and personnel to outfit and guide the musicians.  

None of the singers or television show producers involved were ever in trouble and were probably completely oblivious to the illegal actions of their friendly neighborhood tribal leaders.