Trace Adkins shoots a movie in between shooting a movie

Last time we checked in with Trace Adkins and his thriving acting career he was set to star as The Virginian in the movie remake by the same name. 

However, it appears that Trace had another acting job up his sleeve that no one knew about. 

Yesterday, Patricia Heaton, the mom from "Everybody Loves Raymond," retweeted a tweet from Sarah Drew, an actress who is probably best known for playing Dr. April Kepner on "Grey's Anatomy." The tweet said:

Yep, there's Trace all decked out like a biker surrounded by a bunch of lovely ladies. I went to IMDB for everyone listed in the tweet, but there was no movie listed that they had in common. After a bit of sleuthing on Google, I found that Patricia, Sarah, and Sean Astin, best known as Samwise Gamgee in the "Lord of the Rings" movies, are all shooting a film in Birmingham, Alabama. 

The movie has the working title "Mom's Night Out." A synopsis from Wetpaint says:

"It’s a story about a mother named Allyson [Sarah Drew], who has three wonderful, energetic, creative, imaginative, industrious (and did we mention energetic?) children all under the age of seven. She is attempting to be “Super-Mom,” but it’s only making her super-stressed and super-tired. So when her husband Sean [Sean Astin] suggests she take a night off with her friends, she figures a nice relaxing dinner with some good grown-up conversation will be just the break they all need. But when “nice relaxing dinner” turns into nachos at the bowling alley, and leads to talking herself out of jail, it is clear that something has gone wrong… terribly wrong."

I'm thinking by the looks of Trace's biker get-up in the picture above that he's part of the something gone wrong part of the flick. 

Trace is quickly becoming the hardest working country singer in film today.