Trace Adkins says the hardest part of acting is convincing people he can act

Trace mom's day outPhoto courtesy Sarah Drews Twitter

Trace Adkins has quite a few movie roles under his belt, but according to Trace the toughest part of acting is actually getting people to believe he knows what he's doing. 

As I told you a few days ago, Trace had been in Birmingham shooting a surprise movie called "Mom's Night Out" with Patricia Heaton, Sarah Drew, and Sean Astin (to name a few). Trace took a break from shooting to talk with about the movie, his character, and what the toughest part of acting is. 

In "Mom's Night Out," Trace plays Bones, a tough guy who helps in the search for a missing baby. Trace describes his character as “this guy with hard bark, crusty old guy, but he’s caring, got a big heart.”

“I just like that dichotomy, the contrast between the tough guy and the sappy old drooling teddy bear,” he said. “It’s really not a stretch.”

As for his acting, Trace says the toughest part is convincing people he can actually act. 

“The best acting job I do is when I get to the set and the first couple days I’m on the set, convincing the director I know what I’m doing,” he said. “That’s the best acting job that I do. Once I pull that one off, the rest of it’s easy.”

Well obviously he does a good job of convincing people he can act since he keeps getting acting gigs. Trace is also schedule to play the title character in the upcoming "The Virginian" remake. 

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