Thompson Square ‘Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About’ – Single Review


Thompson Square’s star is continuing to rise, winning the
ACM for Duo of the Year for the second time last April, and releasing
successful single after single. ‘Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About’
comes after the emotional ballad ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ in their single
chronology, and I can see why they would have chosen to release it.

‘Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About’ is a dramatic
switch in tone, upbeat, led by moderately dirty-sounding electric guitars and
less than 3 minutes in length. This song qualifies among this year’s summer
songs, although I’m not sure if it’s distinctive enough to stand out among the
bigger artists and singles. Leaning towards a commercial Southern rock vibe,
the two split vocal time, although Keifer is more of a lead. This makes the
moment when Shauna launches in for the second verse all the more effective, her
sweet yet powerful vocals hitting the listener head-on from the line “baby you’ve
always had a one-track mind”. It would have been nice to hear more of her on
this track, because the two have such chemistry (even for a married duo), that I
think more of a back-and-forth technique than they attempted would have worked
really well.

Perhaps differing from some of the other songs out there,
Thompson Square switch things up a little, making the verses the most dynamic
parts of the song. The chorus is not to be ignored, however, being built on
harmonies and a fairly catchy hookline. For the majority, ‘Everything I Shouldn’t
Be Thinking About’ is kept simple, using the less-is-more approach and also
applying this to the lyrics. The lyrics are a bit of a fun and nothing more
than that, which is probably a nice bit of light relief for fans after the duo’s
previous single.

The only thing that bothers me about this track as I
mentioned before is that I’m not sure it stands out. As with many a song
released to country radio, it’s pleasant listening but doesn’t hit me hard,
although of course not every song is going to do that. It’s not their best single
by any means, but it should do respectably this summer with its commercial
appeal and fun, cheeky feel.

You can listen to ‘Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About’


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