The happiest stalker you will ever see belongs to John Rich

John Rich stalker
John Rich has a stalker problem (allegedly). 

The smiling fella above, 36-year-old former Nashville attorney Mark Sevier, was arrested on Sunday (at church no less) after allegedly ignoring two restraining orders John Rich had taken out on him in the last year. The last straw seems to be two emails John says he received from Sevier, one that mentioned John's two young sons and another which contained a picture of a man "wearing very little if any clothing with an American flag draped over his body and having a substance, believed to be representing blood, covering himself."

Eesh, creepy.

According to Fox 17, who spoke with Sevier, he and John have a long history that began when Sevier represented Jared Ashley legally a few years ago. You may remember that whole fiasco when John sued the former "Nashville Star" contestant for defamation and and then got arrested for allegedly attacking Jared in a Nashville bar. 

Since he represented Jared, Sevier has lost his law license due to a "mental disability related to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from his time serving in Iraq." 

The accused former attorney tells Fox 17 that he believes he's a target. "I blow the whistle against bullies and they push back, and they push back through any means they possibly can to hurt me in any way."

John refused comment when contacted by the television station, but did tweet to fans after they showed support for the singer: "Goes with the territory. LOVE our fans!"

Sevier posted $4000 and was released from jail.