Tampa Bay, Florida has strippers and it’s probably Dolly Parton’s fault

This isn't really news but it is an interesting, possibly true story. 

The Tampa Tribute had a story a few months back about how Dolly Parton could possibly be to blame (or at least be part of the reason) Tampa Bay, Florida has strip clubs. 

According to the story, in the mid-'60s, a gentleman named Bobby Rodriguez purchased a country bar in Tampa called The Deep South. The bar was a rough-and-tumble place where up-and-coming country stars often performed. The bar wasn't that profitable so Bobby decided to make some changes.

First off, he attempted to tone down the fighting in the place. Bobby liked to take care of business himself when it came to the rowdy crowd. Unfortunately, one of the characters he threw out for causing problems later allegedly caught the kitchen on fire in retaliation. When the fire-starter confessed what he had done, Bobby promptly shot him in the leg. 

With that problem solved but the bar still not making much money, Rodriguez turned his sights on the entertainment. He went to the books and realized that one of the best nights they had in terms of the crowd was the night they had Dolly Parton on stage. 

Now Dolly's a wonderful singer and most people love her, but she also has two assetts that Rodriguez recognized immediately, and her voice wasn't one of them. 

Rodriguez realized the majority of her fans were men, and that they were not listening to her talents but rather gawking at them. Pacheco said Rodriguez figured he could toss any beautiful woman on stage, dress her scantily, have her dance and pay her a fraction of what he paid talented musicians, and the same men who came to see Dolly Parton would pay to see the unknown beauty.

Rodriguez brought in dancers who originally wore bathing suits. Of course, as the profits went up the women's clothing came off and the rest is history.

As the story says, "without Dolly Parton as an inspiration, it’s possible none of it would have happened."

Who knew?