Randy Travis says he’s making his way back to where he wants to be

Randy Travis has had his fair share of tough times over the past year or two (or 20) what with all the arrests and running around naked and all that, but the singer says in a new interview that he's making his way back to where he needs to be. 

Randy recently chatted with The Calgary Herald about his new song, Tonight I’m Playin’ Possum, a tribute to his friend, George Jones, who passed away in April. During the interview, he talks about how he and George were cut from the same cloth.

“We had a lot in common,” Travis said. “Both of us are obviously just country boys who came up through years of playing at nightclubs before actually having a record deal. We were both, no doubt, traditionalists all the way through. And I learned so much about singing from George Jones just by listening to him.

“There was a stretch of years where every hit he had, I was learning them to sing in clubs.”

He then goes on to give a brief update of how he's doing in his personal life. 

“I think that we all have to deal with certain setbacks and issues throughout our lives,” the Diggin’ Up Bones singer said. “But, despite the challenges, I’m making my way back to where I want to be.”

I definitely hope that's true. 

You can download Tonight I’m Playin’ Possum on iTunes and Amazon.



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    Perfect tribute! Randy is definitely my favorite male vocalist. Praying for a quick recovery for him!

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