Luke Bryan forgot that it’s 2013 and is apparently building a plantation

With all the trouble that Paula Deen is in these days, admitting that you're building a plantation in 2013 might not be a very PR-positive thing to say, but that's just what Luke Bryan says he's doing.

Okay, okay, maybe plantation is still a common word used in every other part of the country and being from Idaho I'm oblivious to this fact. I looked at Wikipedia and despite the association with the south and slavery, a plantation is actually just "a long, artificially-established forest, farm or estate, where crops are grown for sale, often in distant markets rather than for local on-site consumption. The term plantation is informal and not precisely defined. Plantations are grown on a large scale as the crops grown are for commercial purpose." Still, a plantation? It sounds so old fashioned. 

Anyhoo, all that aside, Luke recently told CMT that he and his wife Caroline are currently building a "plantation just south of Nashville, complete with a guest house and a barn."

Sounds simply lovely. 

Now here's Luke's new video for Crash My Party in case you've missed it. 


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    Oprah’s got one in Hawaii.

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