Lee Brice has a tornado scare

Scary stuff. 

Last Thursday, rising country star Lee Brice took part in an event in Kennesaw, Georgia called "Live on the Lot with Lee Brice" at the Carl Black Kennesaw car lot. After Lee had finished performing and had signed autographs, there was a tornado scare that sent everyone running for cover.

Apparently an EF-1 tornado had touched down in the vicinity. Lee's buses were pulled inside the dealership's service bays and Lee and the remaining fans took cover inside the dealership, with Lee personally checking everyone to make sure they were all safe before taking cover himself.  

Lee and the fans thankfully were all safe. Unfortunately, Lee's stage wasn't so lucky. After everyone was gone, high winds had their way with the stage and it reportedly collapsed as crews were trying to get it taken down. 

Check out the crazy stage video on local radio show Cadillac and
Dallas in the Morning's FB page here. 

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