Kip Moore talks about his tidy ghost

Kip Moore rents a house from his publisher and has revealed to The Country Vibe that he has an unwanted guest at his house. 

A ghost. 

Yes, a ghost. And if that's not enough, he says his ghostly visitor wakes him up at night sweeping.  

“I’ll hear some loud crashes at 3am in the middle of the night.  It’ll give you a heart attack, that’s for sure.  But at least she’s clean. She sweeps, so at least she’s clean.”

Well I guess that's better than those darn poltergeists who like to make messes with flour and sugar and coffins in the swimming pool

He goes on to say, “I literally heard something the other night that just, I couldn’t believe I heard it and I sat up in my bed and I really did this. It was 2am and I said, ‘I got no beef with you if you’ve got no beef with me’ and I went back to sleep.”

Well I guess if Kip decides to spend more time touring than at home we'll know why.