Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough together again for mystery project

So beautiful!

Derek Hough, Kellie Pickler's pro dancing partner who helped her land the "Dancing With The Stars" crown recently, posted this pretty picture of him and Kellie together again. The reason was a mystery with Derek saying simply: Here's a little sneak peek of the project @kelliepickler and I did a couple of weeks ago 

Despite Derek's secrecy, I'm thinking the mystery project is probably actually Kellie's music video for her new single Someone Somewhere Tonight (Amazon

Yesterday, Kellie retweeted something from video director Roman White that said: "When you guys see this new @kelliepickler video that went out the door today, you're going to pee yourselves. I just changed my pants AGAIN!"

Sounds promising. Go back a few days and Roman had also tweeted: 

Yay! It sounds like we're probably going get to see some more of that mesmerizing dancing Derek and Kellie performed on DWTS. I'm genuinely excited.