Kacey Musgraves was high last night

Remember this post?

Did you see her performance last night? According to an expert, she was definitely high last night.

"When you look at a person who is sober their eyes have a crystally look to them, shiny and crisp. A stoned person on the other hand who has glazed eyes looks like there eyes have had the sharpness taken away. Glazed eyes aren't quite as sparkly. They look almost dull."

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  1. undercountry@neil-smith.com'
    Neil Smith

    As someone who used to be a major pothead, I can tell you that her eyes aren’t red BUT she’s lethargic with lazy speech and movements and certainly has the body language of someone who is stoned. What a sad waste of a great opportunity for her career. I can’t imagine her management is very pleased. An artist at this level has to understand that there are others who depend on them for their livelihoods and they owe it to all those who have invested in them (label, crew, management, distributors, show promoters and yes – the audience who spent their hard-earned money to be there) to be at their best. I personally wouldn’t walk across the street to see this artist after watching what I just saw. Just an opinion.

  2. crazylarry71@yahoo.com'

    She was definitely on something. I wouldn’t say marijuana, I’d say that she may have taken something to maybe calm a stage fright situation. But working in law enforcement for the past 16 years and dealing with people under the influence, she was not sober.
    I wondered if anyone else noticed it.

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