Joe Diffie can’t ‘Diffie,’ or seem to connect with Jason Aldean

I had Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie on my radio show last week and contrary to what I thought, he is totally cool with Jason name checking him.  He even wants to collaborate on something. 

“That was another case…I did shoot a video on it (referring to the video for ‘Girl Ridin’ Shotgun’), and we have some really cool, some surprise guests on there and we asked Jason, but his schedule wouldn’t allow him to do it.  So, we tried again.”

Joe also admits he has no idea how to ‘Diffie,’ and talks about the hick-hock movement.  Listen below…

Here’s the new video for ‘Girl Ridin’ Shotgun,’ lots of surprise guests!

And, in case you want to learn how to ‘Diffie.’