Jo Dee Messina Exclusive: Kickstarter Project


Jo Dee Messina is back in action with a new album in the works, however, she has entered a whole new world. With only fifteen days to go before her kickstarter project ends, she needs your support more than ever. The goal is to raise $100,000 in just thirty days and it's an all or nothing kind of deal. The money raised during this project will go toward studio time, background vocalist, mixing, recording and everything involved with making a record. I got to chat a little bit with Jo Dee about her new project and she couldn't be more excited.

So with this album it'll be all you right? You have full control?

It is. I've written alot of the stuff and I've spent years writing stuff just to hear "thats not going to work" so this gives me the freedom to record a bunch of stuff I've wrote. It also gives me the opportunity to do different kinds of stuff. There is a bluegrass tune on there, a rock song that I wrote with Pink in mind and just different kind of songs.

What is it like doing the independent thing so far, is it something your having fun with?

It's only three days old (laughs) but its been fun. I dont want it blown up to be like every record will be done this way but it's something I thought would be a fun project. For those people who are dedicated fans they actually get something in return at a certain level of funding so it's just a fun thing and I wanted to try it out.

Jo Dee's kickstarter project will also allow fans to submit artwork for the album cover and it really gets the fans involved one hundred percent. A new album is not the only thing in the works for Jo Dee, she will also be touring this summer. To check out future dates or to donate to her kickstart project and be a part of the album making process you can visit .

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