Jett Williams Talks About “The Last Ride”


Jett Williams is the daughter of the legendary Hank Williams Sr. and lately she has been busy with a project that portrays the life of her late father. "The Last Ride" is a independent film about Hank's relationship with his driver he hired to take him through the Appalachian mountains for shows in West Virginia and Ohio. It's a brilliant film with a different take on country's original bad boy. Jett is not only a big supporter of the movie, she is also featured on the soundtrack as well.

What does country music mean to you?

It means everything to me. I grew up with country music, I lived country music and I love country music.

How did it come about that you would be doing a few songs on the soundtrack, how was that process?

Actually, Henry Thomas asked me if I would like to be a part of that musical project and would I like to sing a couple of my dads songs and a couple of my own songs so I was thrilled to be part of the team and go in there and share some of my dads songs and I just think the soundtrack truly compliments the movie.

What were your thoughts on the movie?

I was very impressed with the movie. Unless you were actually there no one can say what really happened but overall I think when people see it that it gives not only a glimpse to the genius Hank Williams but also to the man Hank Williams.

How do you think the public will respond to this movie?

Some people will say oh they didn't use any Hank music but to me that is the beauty of it. It's not a bio type of movie so during his ride and during that time he didn't sing. I think more people are so use to having that biopic and movies about their career than they are that last part of their life. It just depends on the individuals but it is a very heart felt story about Hank the man in those last hours of what he tried to accomplish.

Do you think this soundtrack will inspire you to do any kind of touring?

I think the soundtrack is just fabulous and we were actually talking about getting some of the artist on that to do like a package tour. If you take it like that it's kind of like a mini Grand Ole Opry and each artist have their own style and it's not something you just turn on and all the sounds are alike. The songs are so powerful and I just think it would be a show people would really enjoy.

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