Exclusive photos: Tate Stevens in concert


Gab friend and occasional contributor George had the chance recently to check out X Factor winner Tate Stevens in concert and then was nice enough to pass on some great photos to us. 

George says about the experience: 

Here are some photos from the X Factor winner
Tate Stevens when he performed in Springfield, Illinois at the Prairie
Capital Convention Center on Friday May 24th.

He put on a great show,
plating some of his own music and some great covers, ending his set with
Separate Ways from Journey. The crowd loved him, my girls go to meet him and
could not have been more happier. He is a very grateful and humble man and
loving what he is doing.

You can check out some more of George's photos (and even hire him for your event) at StrohlPhotography.com.


  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0255
  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0204
  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0188
  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0162
  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0154
  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0145
  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0140
  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0104
  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0088
  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0077
  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0041
  • Tate-Stevens-Prarie-Capital-Convention-Center0003


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