Exclusive: The Farm opens up about underwear, George Jones and current single “Be Grateful”

ThefarmThe Farm is a diversley unique trio that incorporates a vast collection of influences into their music, ranging from bluegrass to pop to rock. Nick Hoffman, Krista Marie and Damien Horne couldn't be more different, but it is their passsion for making music that has catapulted the group into superstardom. As they prep new material (to be released this fall), they've taken a step back to gather their thoughts and charge full steam ahead into a new era.

At a recent Cornhole Challenge, an event to bring awareness and raise money for colon cancer, presented by fellow singer Craig Campbell, Nashville Gab chatted with the trio to talk about what their future holds, strange fan interactions (invovling plenty of underwear throwing) and who they think could step into George Jones' shoes.

Nashville Gab: First off, why did you get involved in the Cornhole Challenge?

Damien Horne: Well, it’s just a great cause. It’s about colon cancer and a lot of people I know — Krista has dealt with it personally through her family. It’s just a good thing to be a part of and come out and shed some light on the cause and also have a good time with some peers.

Nick Hoffman: And the fans. CMA Fest is all about connecting with the fans. What a great way to do it. To be here, connecting with fans and supporting a great cause. It means something to us. When Craig [Campbell] called and asked us to do it, we said ‘absolutely.’ Why wouldn’t we come out and have a bunch of redneck fun with all of our buddies.


NG: Where are you guys from?

Krista Marie: I’m from upstate New York, a little called Batavia, the home of the Muckdogs. Of course, he’s [Nick] from Minnesota, and he’s [Damien] from North Carolina.


NG: Why did you decide to call yourselves “The Farm”?

NH: Well, we all came from pretty distinctly different backgrounds. Each one of us had our own trajectory, and we all had our own things happening. When we decided to become a group, which came about through songwriting, we had a lot to put down, individually. Each of us had our own solo careers happening, and so, when we started talking about ‘do we really want to do this? are we going to be all in?’, we had to support each other. Somebody said ‘man, if we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna be betting the farm.’

DH: Through a mutual friend of ours, Danny Myrick. We just kind of knew of each other by way of the music world. We ended up getting together and writing. The rest is history.


NG: What’s been the most surprising thing about your fans?

NH: That we have any! [laughs]

DH: How loyal they are. They’re just some great fans. They show up to shows, and people are singing our songs, tattooed lyrics on their body. They bring us gifts. They’re like family. That’s why we call them our Farm Family. Once they come out and experience [a show], then they become family.

KM: I put on 10 pounds alone this year from touring because they keep bringing us brownies and chocolate and all that good stuff. It’s pretty awesome.


NG: Have you had anything thrown at the stage when you’ve been performing?

KM: Luckily, nothing has been thrown at the stage, other than women thrusting themselves at Nick and Damien onstage. There have been a few of those. [laughs]

NH: There have been a couple pairs of panties that have been thrown up on stage.

DH: There have also been things thrown off the stage by a certain young lady.

KM: Oh…I did throw…something off. We were in South Carolina, and there were panties all over the ceiling. So, I donated [a pair].


NG: So, your new single is “Be Grateful.” What is the inspiration behind it?

DH: Just the times that we’re living in. It’s just a testament to our lives. Years ago, we were all somewhere else, and now, we’re together, on the road, doing what we love to do. It’s just a great reminder to us that we have so much to be grateful for, even when things seem like they can be tough. We felt that might resonate with others, as well. That’s a song we felt like we needed to cut.

KM: We’re really excited too because we are now working with Mark Bright as our producer. We’re going in to record some new material…to be announced, soon.


NG: Earlier this year, we lost the great George Jones. He was often called the “Greatest Living Country Singer.” Who do you think has that title now?

DH: I’m gonna vote Nick Hoffman for that one! [laughs]

NH: Thank you very much! I think the greatest living Country singer would probably be…

KM: I’m a Garth Brooks fan.

NH: One of my favorites still living is Mark Chesnutt. He has one of the greatest voices and most underappreciated out there.


EX: What is the Homes for Heroes event about coming up?

NH: It’s actually in my homestate of Minnesota. It’s a really, really cool thing to be able to go. We’ve been asked to come up there and be a part of this charity concert for Homes for Heroes, which is an amazing organization that helps veterans (both wounded and not) to get into homes. These guys are coming home and they’re having a hard time finding their way and getting their roots planted again. It’s the least we can do, as a country and, of course, as individuals to support those men and women that are over there fighting and dying for us.


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