Exclusive: Australian duo Baylou dish on “Novocaine,” debut album and admiration for Dolly Parton

BaylouAustralian born duo Baylou are a force brewing just under the surface.

With such influences as Springsteen, Dolly Parton and the Dixie Chicks, the sister pairing, comprised of Victoria and Barbara Ballie, have developed a strong and rather dark brand (see their current single "Novocaine"). On their debut record, Go to Hell and I Love You, Baylou soars from the sassy "These Lips" to the tender "Sweet Red Wine."

At a recent Cornhole Challenge, an event to bring awareness and raise money for colon cancer, presented by fellow singer Craig Campbell, Nashville Gab had a chance to talk with Baylou about their upbringing, biggest influences and what's currently on their playlist.


Nashville Gab: Why did you decide get involved in this event?

Victoria Baillie: Well, we know Craig is very passionate about this cause, and we wanted to support him.


NG: You recently had a Global Artist party. How did that go?

Barbara Baillie: We performed at The Stage on Broadway, and we were lucky. We were the last act on, and we got to perform five songs off our album, which is called ‘Go to Hell, and I Love You.’ We had an absolute ball, and we always love coming back to Nashville, especially [during] CMA [week]. It makes it that much more special.


NG: What’s the inspiration behind the album title “Go To Hell and I Love You” and the title track?

BB: Victoria and I, when we were writing for the album, actually, we were here in Nashville. We were very fortunate enough to get in the writing room with a wonderful writer by the name of Emily Shackleton. I had the idea at the time, and I brought it to the table that I felt really passionate about. I was going through a bit of a breakup, as most girls do, and Emily really captured what I was going through and so did Victoria. We got in the room and just created that song. We all fell in love and [it just had] to be on the album.


NG: There’s a gripping song called “Novacaine” on the record. What’s the story behind that?

VB: We didn’t write that tune. It was actually co-written by Steven Lee Oslen. He co-wrote that with two other writers, Caitlyn Smith and Cary Barlowe. That’s actually our current single. We just did a video clip for it. Basically, I believe our label manager Tim Holland found the song and thought it was perfect for us. We listen to it, and to tell you the truth, I didn’t actually love the song at first, but Barbara felt really passionate about it. She was like ‘no, we have to record it. I love it. It’s totally us.’ So, we did it, and I’m sort of eating my words now. I was wrong. It’s a great song. It’s one of our favorites to perform.


NG: What was growing up in Australia like? And what did you listen to?

VB: We’re a little bit different, Barbara and I. I’m like 95% Country music. That’s my influences. I was listening to Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard, the Dixie Chicks, Keith Urban, Martina McBride, people like that…a lot of American artists but also Australian Country music. Barbara is a little rockier. Her genres tend to stray a little bit.

BB: I mean, I love Springsteen. I love Elvis Presley. I’ve also loved Country, but Vicki is more passionate about the more traditional Country, which is really good. We both bring unique aspects to our Baylou. We’re sisters, and that’s unique in itself. I love a lot of different artists.


NG: Earlier this year, we lost the great George Jones. He was often called the “Greatest Living Country Singer.” Who do you think has that title now?

VB: I’d have to think about that. Dolly Parton is pretty amazing. I’d think she’d be up there.


NG: What’s currently on your playlist?

VB: She’s got Brad Paisley’s new album.

BB: I love every single song. I love how each slows flows on to the next, especially with being unique with having the two titles “Death of a Married Man” and “Death of a Single Man.” I love that. My favorite song on the album would have to be “Beat This Summer.” That’s my driving around tune.

VB: I’m a huge Kip Moore fan, so I listen to [him] quite a bit. I have Kip’s album on rotation at the moment. That and Randy Rogers Band.


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