Brad Paisley once got Eric Church in trouble

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Brad Paisley is the undisputed king of pranking … or at least of pranking his tourmates. 

As with anything, though, you win some and you lose some and occasionally Brad's pranks, while still funny, aren't appreciated by everyone around him and those he pranks.  

Pittsburgh's Country Y108 sent one lucky listener, Emily, to interview Eric Church on Saturday at Heinz Field. Since Eric had toured with Brad Paisley in the recent past, she asked him about the pranking that goes on. Eric shared a story about how Brad got him in both hot water AND in the wallet. 

"I was out with Brad Paisley and … he cheats. He uses, like, his video screens that he doesn't let other people use. We played "Guys Like Me" one night, and he put up all these, like, all these offending males behind me, like Saddam Hussein and Adolph Hitler, and ended up getting us in a lot of trouble. It wasn't my video screens. I had nothing to do with it, but he put it up there, so the place we played that night wouldn't even pay us whatever we were making that night because… it offended everybody there. So, that was the best I've seen."

Wonder if Brad made up for the money Eric lost?

You know, I picture Brad Paisley with this secret little notebook he packs everywhere that's full of prank ideas with sketches and renderings and math formulas for the more complicated pranks. I can just see it now. I have this feeling it would also have the names of people he hopes to tour with in the future because he's already got the pranks all figured out and is ready to pounce whenever he can manage to get them out on tour. 

Evil plansOf course, Eric did get even with Brad … with the help of lethargic crabs. Check out that story over on Y108