The Henningsens EP – Review


I’d heard a lot about The Henningsens over the last few
months, as I’m sure you have too. They’ve regularly appeared just scraping the
top 25 of each Billboard chart, particularly country radio, with their first
single ‘American Beautiful’ seeming to receive a good response. So when I came
to listen to their music for the first time in the form of their brand new EP,
I didn’t know what kind of sound to expect, but I was expecting good things.

And effectively, that’s what I heard, good things. The
Henningsens’ sound is comprised of a soft rock-infused contemporary country sound,
with sweet, pop-orientated vocals from Clara Henningsen. Direct comparisons can
and will be made between the two reigning mixed-gender trios in country music:
The Band Perry and Lady Antebellum. Apart from anything else, it’s almost as if
Clara’s vocals are the lovechild of Hillary Scott and Kimberly Perry, and it’s
not surprising that The Henningsens would sound similar to one of these
supergroups. They wrote songs with The Band Perry for their debut album,
including hits ‘You Lie’ and ‘All Your Life’, and have thus have similar use of
melodies and production. It’s fair to say if you like The Band Perry and/or
Lady Antebellum then you will enjoy music from The Henningsens.


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