Taylor Swift’s new neighbors really don’t like her and the stalkers that come with her

Sheesh. Looks like the rich folks that live near Taylor Swift's shiny new house on the beach in Rhode Island aren't digging their new famous neighbor.

After a crazed Taylor Swift fan decided to take a couple mile swim to Taylor's new pad at 2 in the morning earlier this week, one of Taylor's neighbors decided to write to CDAN to gripe.

"I want to remain completely anonymous, but as someone who lives where Taylor Swift just bought a summer home, it's already a circus. Apparently there has been a stalker scare so a section of the beach is roped off. We live here all year, pay taxes all year, to enjoy three months at the beach…and now that might be in jeopardy. I don't want to speak for everyone, but you're kinda not welcome."

Completely anonymous? Sounds like someone doesn't want to jeopardize an invite to any of Taylor's sure-to-be-amazing summer barbecues that I'm sure she'll be throwing. 



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  1. twilight140@ymail.com'

    what part of rhode island is that cause rhode island is my home state and ive never seen this house before

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