So apparently I had a stroke and am now officially an 80-year-old woman

SnapshotThe title of this post sounds like a joke. Unfortunately, it's not.

I debated whether to share this or not, but since I've shared every other part of my life I figured WTH so here goes.

Friday morning I woke up with a right arm I couldn't hardly use. I thought I had just slept wrong but the numbness and weakness just got worse throughout the day. Then at like 10 in the morning my speech started getting funky like I had had one drink too many. I thought it was odd but I still wasn't worried. I drove around and did  errands like an idiot. When my husband got home he commented about my speech sounding odd so I took his advice and went to the clinic. The lady behind the counter gave me paperwork and my handwriting looked like a 6-year-old kid's. It was horrid. that's when I realized that something was actually seriously wrong. The secretary realized I was having issues and sent me straight back. The nurse came and took my blood pressure and it was 280 something over 169. I was officially in a hypertensive crisis. 

The weird thing about all this is I didn't have a headache at all. If I had I might have worried more.

The hospital the clinic shipped me off to couldn't find anything on their tests but with my symptoms they decided to send me to Boise where an MRI showed that I did end up having a tiny stroke. I never thought I'd describe a stroke as tiny, but saying it was tiny makes me feel much better, believe it or not. Yesterday was a rough day but today I feel much better. The scary part of all this is that my MRI showed that I had probably had a small stroke before. WTF? 

I'm stuck here until at least tomorrow but I'm not sure if I will be going to rehab or home. Most of my symptoms have cleared except my right hand is still messed up. I can type just really, really slowly. My head hurts but that's to be expected I guess.

Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know just so if I'm gone or slow or whatever. I'm going to try and work because the physical therapist said the best way to get my hand better is to do normal things as much as possible so here I am. 

My main reason for writing this is to warn anyone like me. I am way overweight but always had good intentions of exercising on a regular basis. Once every few weeks wasn't enough.

I have high blood pressure but like an idiot I just ignored it. Please don't ignore it  if you have hypertension.

This is scary and  could have been so much worse and I'm grateful that it's only my hand that seems messed up. 

I'm only 38. You're never too young for something like this. Don't fool yourself if you think you are.

Ok, PSA over.