Sara Mann’s Country-Infused ‘Lullabies’ Is A Welcome Break From Life – Review


Sara Mann is a woman of many musical influences. She has
worked with Miley Cyrus and Pop/R&B American Idol runner-up Katharine
McPhee as a backing vocalist, yet her own music weaves folk, country, pop, jazz
and blues among others in a complex tapestry of serene sounds. Her new record, 'Lullabies', is a perfect concept for the kind of music Sara creates; after
losing a child to ARPKD (Autosomal
recessive polycystic kidney disease), and being diagnosed at the time she was
ready to give birth to twins, she decided she had to share her story, and raise
awareness about kidney disease. 'Lullabies' is what came out of this tragic
occurrence in her life, in the hope of bringing comfort to all of those who are
living with kidney disease, or have lost a loved one to the disease, at the
same time raising funds and awareness for the PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease)

The music is gentle and comforting, full of melodic piano,
expertly picked acoustic guitar and creates a much-needed space to pause and
consider life. Some songs, like 'Big Day Little Boat', will fill your senses and
make you gently move to the swung beat and fuller production, others, like 'You
Belong To Me', you’ll want to listen to alone in order to fully appreciate the
deep thoughts the song will provoke. Full of covers, some you’ll recognise,
others you won’t. 'Baby Mine' is a particularly nice rendition with some pretty
electric guitar, and fits Sara’s understated, warm vocals, in addition to the
Eric Clapton track 'Tears In Heaven' (which features Billy Ray Cyrus, a good
friend of Sara’s who supports the cause). This track is one of the album’s
highlights, and clearly a great deal of care has been taken over covering such
a famous and revered song. Sara’s and Billy Ray’s harmonies work really well
here, and the song building over time is very effective.

'Lullabies' is an album to take time over, and requires a
quiet space in order to fully appreciate its gentle approach and meaningful
songs. And of course, it is perfect for its intended use; sending children straight
to peaceful sleep. If you’re looking for an album to create a sea of calm in
your life and allow you to explore your thoughts at leisure, this is the one
for you. Plus, it’s all for as good cause.

You can visit Sara Mann’s website here, and follow her on Twitter @SaraMann. You can also buy ‘Lullabies’
on iTunes,
and donate separately to the PKD Foundation here.

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