‘Nashville’ Season Finale – What’s Going On, What Should Have Happened, What’s Next?

Nashville Finale Deacon and Rayna

Spoiler Alert!!
For those who have been watching Nashville from the outset,
the finale arrived quicker than desired, with many of us wondering where that
extra planned episode went and whether Rayna and Deacon would break up. There
were about 7 sneak peeks released this week leading up to the finale (or at
least it felt like it), and spoiler after spoiler was dropped, including the
little factoid that there would be a major car explosion. This resulted in
myself (and many others by the sounds of it), being surprised by very little of
the events in the actual episode. Juliette’s grieving over her mother,
Scarlett’s leaning back towards Avery and Gunnar’s freaking out (before
proposing?!), Will’s trying to sleep his way out of being gay, Maddie’s
distraught, Teddy’s being closed down by the feds, Peggy is pregnant, Deacon’s
getting drunk, Rayna’s falling apart, Coleman’s trying to hold it all together,
Tandy’s being demoted… does that sound like they’re cramming it in a bit to
you? Yeah, it does to me too.

It’s not because they didn’t know whether there’d be a
season 2, because Callie Khouri announced they had shot 2 different versions,
and last week she was doing some last-minute editing. So they knew they could
cover some stuff next season. No, the major issue with this episode, is all
that excitement they were building, how much they were making it out to be a
heartbreaker, yet it’s like they didn’t give us enough time to get upset. They
showed too many sneak peeks, and more importantly let too much information
about the Rayna and Deacon storyline be known before the episode. It ruins the
immediacy of the emotion felt when watching because fans already know half the
stuff, and the rest they have speculated and most likely totally figured out.

I for one am a huge fan of Rayna and Deacon as a pairing,
and have obsessively fangirled all season, discussing, daydreaming and watching
all the fanvids on YouTube. But despite the fantastic acting from everyone (the
entire cast, I don’t think I can emphasize enough how they really knuckled down
to the emotions when required), it was Juliette who nearly brought me to tears,
not ‘Deyna’ as everyone is calling them. The fact that there were no real
surprises in their timeline didn’t help, but having Juliette perform over their
extremely important argument in the car shows how little time they had left,
and ruined what could have been that moment when I bawled. We all knew the car
crash was happening by this point, so it wasn’t a shock when it did happen, but
then the biggest mistake of the whole episode occurred: ending it there. To
break the fans’ hearts, you show the two of them seriously injured in the
wreckage, either unconscious or with one of them discovering the other and
crying. THEN you end it. I finished the episode feeling annoyed and a bit

Then there’s the Scarlett/Gunnar/Avery situation. While I
welcome something that’ll stop this storyline being so damn boring, ie: Avery
returning, the whole thing was trivial compared to what was happening
elsewhere, and was so slow-moving it was more like a mid-season plotline than
something for the finale. They should have kept those members of the cast as
supporting the major storyline, and that would have eased the rush a little.

As an overall show, Nashville has been up and down in its
first season. Multiple hiatuses and some odd plot decisions have had me yelling
at my computer screen, and the multitude of storylines distracting from the key
drama hasn’t exactly had me celebrating either. But the music, ‘Deyna’, some of
the better storylines, the city itself – it makes me love the show and I am so,
so glad there is a second season. So what happens next?

I read someone online say they thought the beginning of
season 2 could pick up where season 1 ended; at the wreckage. They said Deacon
could pull Rayna out of the car before the explosion (because that was planned
but never actually happened in the finale?!), save her life, get her to the
hospital, and they both realize what’s truly important in life. This causes
them to start trying to work things through. I love this idea and I think it
makes a lot of sense, although I have a feeling the producers will want to
prolong our heartbreak. I can see them showing it 5 months on as it would have
been in real life, and a healing Rayna and Deacon at odds with each other
constantly. Having said that, I don’t think that would bring the viewership in.
I can also see Juliette getting a fresh start, doing meditation or dedicating
herself to Christianity or something. I can see Scarlett either declining
Gunnar’s proposal, or going with it and soon deciding it’s just not the right
thing, and running back to Avery, who maybe has gotten closer to Juliette.
Deacon can either continue off the wagon or get sober, and timelines have a key
part to play in this. Oh, and I guess Lamar’s probably going to jail, and Tandy
will get to head the corporation anyway, despite being demoted. Is this show
really that predictable?

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to make it through to October to see more of this, but you can
be sure when we get there I’ll be back here writing recaps and generally being
a go-to for Nashville gossip and discussion. See you guys then 😉

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