‘Nashville’, Episode 20 – RECAP


Juliette is being blackmailed by Dante, who has their sex tape
and wants $2 million for it. Juliette sends security to give it to him in
exchange for the SD card, but Dante bails, and decides he wants $10 million
instead. She knows he’ll never stop asking for more, and decides to get ahead
of the game by recording an explanation video and appearing on The View to
discuss it. Constantly being treated badly by her daughter, Jolene still wants
to protect her, so she goes to her old drug dealer, gets some oxy and a gun,
and goes back to the apartment to snort it. Once high, she calls Dante telling
him Juliette’s given up, but that she has the $2 million if he wants to come
over. He does, but when confronted Jolene shoots him, before phoning her
daughter (she’s about to go on The View), and telling her how special she is.
She then deliberately overdoses on drugs, and is already dead by the time
Juliette has rushed back home to find her.

Rayna, meanwhile, is still in bliss with Deacon, but things
start to crash down around her when she begins to ease Deacon back into her personal
life. She invites him over for dinner with the girls, and it’s all going
fantastically (including a Deacon & Maddie duet on ‘Ho Hey’!), when Teddy
bursts in unannounced. He fumes at Rayna for letting Deacon hang around the
girls, and later files a restraining order, stating that Deacon cannot be
within 100 feet of them. Rayna goes to Lamar and asks him to help her get a
court date, and she and Teddy fight it out in court a little bit. The judge
decides to cover it in more depth at a later date, and resets custody
arrangements. Rayna promises Teddy that no matter what she would do nothing to
compromise his relationship with Maddie.

Rayna is also looking for a second act for her label. She
holds auditions, but no-one really stands out, until Will drops in without an
appointment and boldly convinces them to let him perform for them. She really
likes him, and announces the creation of the label just before Scarlett’s performance
at the Grand Ole Opry. Scarlett is really nervous, and really wants Gunnar to
be there, but after being called out on his non-outlaw status at a gig he gets
into a fight and ends up in jail with Will, with whom he makes up. The outlaw
image is getting out of hand, involving lots of recording sessions with his
producer trying to get it right, a persona on stage and a radio interview where
he tries to act all tough and pretends to be a ‘player’. Scarlett hears the interview
and is upset with him.

While she is waiting at the Opry to go to stage, she
receives a box from someone in the audience, and it holds the whisk that Avery
handed her as a makeshift microphone, when she was too shy to sing on her demo
much earlier on in the season. This gives her the confidence to go out and give
a great performance. When she bails Gunnar and Will out of jail, she breaks up
with Gunnar, as she tells him she cannot be around this anymore, that she loves
him, not his brother.

Tandy is worried about Lamar’s health, and whether him being
at the head of the company is the right thing anymore. She organises with the board
to take over (and I suspect she’s been waiting for this her whole life), but on
the official transfer meeting, Lamar enters, and kicks Tandy out of the CEO
seat, putting her in her place. Elsewhere, the episode draws to a close on
Maddie, intrigued after finding out that her mom is dating Deacon again, and
Teddy’s reaction to that, goes snooping and finds a box full of important
papers. She finds the paternity test that says Teddy is not her father.

The season finale is tonight, and judging by sneak peeks and
spoilers it’s going to be one hell of an episode! Tune in at 10/9c on ABC. You
will not want to miss this!

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