‘Nashville’, Episode 19 – RECAP


Juliette and Rayna are both nominated for Female Vocalist of
the Year at the CMA’s during this episode. For both it comes as a surprise;
Juliette trying to pick up the pieces financially and emotionally after Dante’s
betrayal and Rayna involved in post-coital bliss with Deacon. Juliette doesn’t
want a scandal to get out about Dante’s fraud to further ruin her reputation so
doesn’t involve the police, instead re-focusing herself on campaigning for the
CMA award. As Marshall refuses to have the label back her more than Rayna (he
wants equal backing), Juliette takes it on herself, planning every last detail
of packages sent to the members and outfits for the nominations show that

Stressed out and devastated about Dante, she begins drinking
quite early in the day and carries on constantly (from finding out he bought an
engagement ring) until she is helped, wrecked, onto her sofa for bed by her
bodyguard. At the nominations show, Deacon quits as bandleader on a drunken
Juliette, who enlists Avery to aid her performance of ‘Used’, a different song
to the one agreed with the label. She later tries to take him home after a
heart-to-heart but he refuses. Jolene looks after her daughter late that night,
until they get a call from Dante, who threatens the release of a ‘tape’.

Rayna is worried about her new relationship with Deacon,
wanting to take it slow. Tandy warns her sister about the all-or-nothing aspect
of their relationship, and Teddy yells at Rayna to break it off when he finds
out she’s with him. Coleman advises Deacon to get back with Stacey, but Deacon
instead breaks it off with her. She’s devastated and angry and takes Sue the
dog with her (nooo!). However, now with the issue of paternity on her mind,
Rayna freaks out meeting Deacon backstage at the nominations show, and, furious
that’s she’s still keeping secrets from him, Deacon storms out on her. Later,
when Rayna is getting into a taxi, he jumps in too out of the blue, and tells
her that it doesn’t matter whether she tells him what’s on her mind or not,
because they love each other and should be together. Rayna cries, cue cute
scene. Later they sing an old song they wrote together, and Deacon professes
his wish that they’d stayed together originally, because they could have had a
family of their own. Rayna feels guilty.

Meanwhile Coleman rejects Tandy’s proposition of alliance
and resigns from Deputy Mayor, knowing that Teddy, Tandy and Lamar’s
in-fighting will bring them down, and then he can step up to the plate as
Mayor. Teddy is trying to reconnect with his daughter, who resents him and
doesn’t want to go to the father-daughter dance with him at her school. They
end up going (she looks amazing!!), and eventually she enjoys it, breaking down
some walls between the two of them.

Gunnar is being frosty towards Will, but won’t tell Scarlett
why. He also won’t play Scarlett his new song ‘Gun For A Mouth’, as she knows
she’ll be angry at him for stealing his brother’s song to record a demo. When
he goes to record, the producer isn’t interested in any of his own ballads,
instead preferring the dark Jason-penned lyrics that Gunnar passes off as his
own. Scarlett gets an invite to the nominations party and Will goes with her,
using the opportunity to introduce her to industry people and also push his
music on Rayna! Later Scarlett hears Gunnar’s demo, but discovers it’s Jason’s
song, and is shocked at her boyfriend.

‘Nashville’ episode 20 airs tonight on ABC at 10/9c. Next
week is the season finale (and Nashville got renewed for a season 2!) so strap
yourselves in folks!

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