‘Nashville’, Episode 18 – RECAP


after 3 weeks of waiting, last week’s episode was worth it, wasn’t it? Here’s a

wants to go house hunting with Creepy Dante, because the owners are coming back
to her current place. They go looking and find a house Juliette decides upon.
Jolene continues to show up claiming that she saw Dante kissing another woman,
but apparently he was just speaking to the woman handling the real estate.
Juliette checks out her mother’s claims but still believes her boyfriend. When
she finds drugs in Jolene’s bag she sends her back to rehab, but upon
inspection realizes they’re the ones she’s allergic to and realizes Dante must
have planted them. However, when Juliette tries to contact him, he’s fleeced
her of $475,000 from her corporate account, and skipped town with the real
estate woman. Juliette doesn’t want to call the cops on him because she doesn’t
want another scandal.

decides to get together with Liam to work on their half-finished album, and
they end up making out (there’s a lot of random uncalled for making out in this
show). Liam asks her to go to St Lucia on a long weekend and she agrees.
However, after seeing the two of them on stage Deacon gets jealous and Stacey
asks him if he still has feelings for Rayna. He admits it and they have a
fight. Deacon explains the situation to Rayna but she leaves with Liam,
returning to Deacon’s house two hours later to tell him she loves him. They end
up sleeping together.

is reconnecting with her father who decides that because Tandy told Teddy about
Peggy she has betrayed him. Tandy forms an alliance with Coleman, advising him
to look into Teddy’s past to bring him down. Teddy and Coleman are going forth
with the Subway Field deal, but Lamar’s company will still get money from it
with their metro contracts. Teddy decides to shut down all of them, and also
breaks off his relationship with Peggy after finding out she leaked the
information about the divorce. Deacon is also becoming increasingly frustrated
with Juliette’s behaviour and decides to quit working for her after that leg of
the tour.

is worried about the increasing gap in her relationship with Gunnar, and in her
meeting with Rayna asks her if Gunnar can join her in her music career. Rayna
agrees, but when Scarlett tells him he refuses because he’s beginning to enjoy
playing music by himself, after Will gives him some tips on working the crowd.
He gets girls’ numbers and an offer from a producer to lay down a demo, on the
back of a song his brother wrote. Chilling out after the show, Will and Gunnar
have a heart-to-heart and Will misjudges the situation and kisses Gunnar (!!!),
who tells him to leave. Scarlett and Avery reconnect backstage at a show, as he
is attempting to go back to his old self.

19 airs tonight on ABC at 10/9c. Come back next Wednesday for my recap!

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    Thanks for the quick recap; it sounds like this episode was definitely worth the wait, especially now that Deacon and Rayna got together. I actually haven’t had a chance to see this episode yet because I’ve been working overtime at DISH recently, but it’s saved on my DVR. I set my DISH Hopper to always record Nashville and everything else on ABC during primetime, so I’ll be able to catch up with this episode even though I forgot to set a timer for it.

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