‘Nashville’, Episode 17 – RECAP


It’s been another 3 weeks without Nashville in our lives
everyone. I am little less emotionally fulfilled for it, and I’m sure you are
too. Luckily for us, it’s back tonight (tonight!!!) so to remind ourselves of
what’s happened leading up to this point, let’s have a little recap, shall we?

Lamar has had a heart attack, and is in hospital. Rayna
decides to cancel her sold-out show in New York to go back to Nashville and be
with her family. Lamar hates being vulnerable and refuses to accept that he
needs to rest and let Tandy handle things. Watty White drops by to lend support
but when Lamar tries to escape the hospital he sees him and freaks out,
shouting. Watty explains to Rayna that he was her mother’s musician ‘friend’,
and that when her mother was killed in a car crash, she was leaving Lamar for
him. Later Lamar has another heart attack while sleeping, and he remains unconscious
for the rest of the episode. Rayna is left to watch him, and she calls Deacon
and leaves a voicemail to let him know what’s going on. He decides to go visit
her, prompting Rayna to mull over some things and speak some honest truths to
her unconscious father, who opens his eyes before the episode ends. Managing
the business, Tandy finds out from Lamar’s advisors that Peggy was the one who
leaked the lies about the divorce to the press, and she tells Teddy.

Juliette meanwhile refuses to cancel her part of the show,
instead trying to fill the time Rayna would have taken with brand new material.
The band are struggling to learn the ten new songs in time for the performance
that evening, and cracks begin to form between Deacon and Juliette, as Juliette
increasingly takes the advice of Dante, who she’s sleeping with. Unfortunately,
when Avery (the new roadie for the tour) accidentally catches the pair secretly
having sex (searching for monitors for Juliette), Dante sees him and fires him
without Juliette’s consent. Deacon finds out about it and a confrontation
ensues between him and Dante, as Deacon re-hires Avery. Jolene makes a move on
Dante as she says she is in love with him and is jealous of the time he’s
spending with Juliette, but when the latter walks in on her mother kissing her
secret boyfriend she flips and Jolene publicly makes the connection and calls
Juliette out on her affair in front of plenty of tour staff. Taking the angle
that her mother always tries to steal her boyfriends, Juliette sends her mother
back home with a new sober companion and hires Dante as her own manager,
furthering the suspicion over the damage that he might do.

Upon the finalizing of Scarlett’s contract with Edge Hill
Records, Gunnar decides to throw her a ‘celebration day’, which involves
getting her drunk from early on in the day. Will joins them at a bar later on
and he gets Scarlett up with him on stage to sing Ashley Monroe and Blake
Shelton’s ‘You Ain’t Dolly (And You Ain’t Porter)’ (fabulous!). However, she
finds out she has a meeting with Rayna and the label the next day, and will be
horribly hungover! She goes to the meeting and it looks like the future is
bright for her. Gunnar is still struggling with the loss of his brother and isn’t
writing songs. He speaks to Will who takes him out driving, and aims to cure
Gunnar’s depression over it. Will deliberately risks their lives by driving in
front of a speeding train, and just escaping. Gunnar is furious before he
realizes it makes him feel better, and they do it a few times. Afterwards
Gunnar begins writing songs again.

'Nashville' episode 18 airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC.

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