Kellie Pickler ‘Someone Somewhere Tonight’ – Review


‘Someone Somewhere Tonight’ is Kellie Pickler’s first single
on Black River Entertainment, but it existed for some time before Kellie chose
to record it. Previously performed by Kenny Rogers and Pam Tillis among others,
to give Kellie the radio hit she so utterly needs and deserves they needed to
update the song a bit musically.

And that is exactly what they have tried to do.
Unfortunately, in my opinion, it doesn’t work. The song begins with delicate
mandolin and acoustic guitar, with electric guitar beginning to make its
appearance, with the occasional strum to build atmosphere. That’s all fine and
good, but it continues to build and build, until the second verse sounds like a
mess. It doesn’t help that the sound they’re using is quite a dirty, rough guitar
sound, and it absolutely overpowers what should be a gentle, humble song.
However, they’ve tried to make a sweet, thoughtful ballad into a big, powerful
country rock ballad, and it’s just not one that can be belted vocally. That
results in Kellie straining to be heard above the noise, and the other aspects
of the production get totally lost.

It drops completely down for the second chorus, using fiddle
to carry it, back to where it should have been in the first place, and it
sounds much better. But then the solo (the biggest mistake I think), seems to
hold a guitar-off, using too many pedals, too much distortion, too much
overdrive, and too much tone. It shrieks unnecessarily in a song that should be
a focus on the meaningful lyrics. These lyrics tell the stories of so many
people all over the world, yet brings it back to the simple love felt between
two people during the chorus. The third chorus is again trying to be big, and I
can see why they would do that if they had chosen to make the rest of the song
gentle, but that is not the case. Then yet again they drop it down to close,
and it seems they simply couldn’t make up their mind what they wanted the song
to be. Whilst trying to remain relevant, different and edgy they ruined a
brilliant song that didn’t need to be over-done. It totally distracts from the
premise of the song and erases any emotional effect it may have had.

Kellie’s vocals, however, are the song’s saving grace.
Although more wavery than I’ve heard them before, there’s a vulnerability and a
truth-telling in them, carrying the song and making some twists and turns
without over-doing it. If it hadn’t have been for the over-production, I would
have rated this song highly.

I was worried about the use of a ballad, and one that had
been done many times before, to give Kellie the sales and radio boost that she
was denied during her ‘100 Proof’ era. I was worried that it might come across
as more “old-fashioned” and thus wouldn’t translate well with a young audience
lapping up the likes of Florida Georgia Line and Hunter Hayes. However, clearly
it would have been better off like that! I’m not sure how this song will fare,
although I’ll tentatively make a prediction of top 20 on her fanbase alone. But
as someone who had high expectations for new music from Kellie, I’m
disappointed, and hoping for better when her album comes out.

You can watch the lyric video for ‘Someone Somewhere
Tonight’ here:


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    This review is way too picky and negative. I agree with the reviews at Roughstock, Taste of Country, and Rolling Stone. I’m very picky about production and avoiding overproduction and I love this song! The first time I heard it I thought the build up was awesome. The “dirty, rough” guitar is a good contrast with Kellie’s smooth voice. I like that raw cutting edge electric guitar sound (also like Miranda, Eric, and Jason use) much more than generic sounding smooth guitar. And while 100 Proof is a fantastic album, I’m hoping Kellie adds more electric guitar to SOME country/rock songs on her 4th album (like TTNCAMM on her debut), so I love this. If I were gonna be this picky, all I’d say is I’m not a huge fan of the electric guitar effect at 2:41-2:47, about 7 seconds of the song. However this song is amazing and country radio plays quite a few songs that are 1,000 times more produced throughout the entire songs than this song is.
    They ruined the song? No way, they updated and improved it. I like this better than the old versions. This great song really needed Kellie to bring it to life so more people can hear it and she did. The bottom line is this is better than most songs radio plays and they should play it all the time. I bet it does very well and better than most songs on the radio listener polls. Now it’s all up to radio and as someone who prefers to listen to country radio over everything else including music I’ve purchased, I’d love to hear Kellie just as often as they play Brad, Carrie, Eric, George, Darius, Jake, Luke, Miranda and others at the top. She’s one of the most talented artists today and Rolling Stone, Billboard, and CMT picked her latest album as the best country album of 2012. Kellie is the only artist who clearly has the goods (vocals and many great songs) to prove she belongs at the top and isn’t there, so no doubt she’s been robbed more than anyone in country music. She and country radio listeners deserve better treatment. It’s terrible and a shame that we can turn on the radio any day and not hear a single Kellie Pickler song while they play some songs that make me constantly change stations looking for better songs. I’ve never changed stations when a Kellie song plays, I just crank up the volume. Play Pickler!!!!!!!!!!

    Forrest Phelps-Cook

    I am not a musician and so do not listen to find the so called imperfections in the music. To me, this is a BEAUTIFUL rendition and it brings me to tears every time I listen to it. Yes, I purchased it and shared it with others. Kellie deserves only the very best…

    Kathy Thompson

    I have always love Kellie and have been pulling for her a long time..THIS SONG HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO LIFE…..You people are so picky it is been re done beautifully. If you think it is so bad look at the votes she is so far ahead of the pack..I say GO KELLIE…

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