Is Miranda Lambert pregnant? Miranda’s mom spills the beans

Miranda and momMiranda and her mom photo courtesy

And the beans are that Miranda is most definitely not pregnant.

I know, I know, booo.

I guess everyone’s getting tired of hearing Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert saying they’re not having a baby anytime soon because now RadarOnline has moved onto asking Miranda’s mom about the baby bump rumors.

“They are totally not expecting!” Miranda’s mom, Beverly Lambert, told Radar. “And I’m fairly certain that I would be the first person to know.”

I don’t know, my husband found out he was going to be a grandfather on Facebook so you never can be sure these days.

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    Miranda Wethington

    I would love for Miranda and Blake to have a child… I am positive that it would be a beautiful baby! I wrote to Mr. Blake Shelton… and I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a reply back… but he is a busy young man… A baby for them would be a big bust! Thanks!

    Amanda Rich

    I know that the baby will be really cute. I am a big fan of Mirandas and Blakes music. Best of luck Miranda.


    Just because she’s gained so much weight and looks pregnant, doesn’t mean she is.

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