Florida Georgia Line to appear on Nelly’s new album

As of April 23rd, the "Cruise" remix (featuring Nelly) had sold over 300,000 downloads on iTunes.

If you can have that kind of success, and reach that large of an audience, why not do it again? Nelly recently appeared on St. Louis radio station 93.7 The Bull and confirmed another collaboration between the rapper and country duo.

"Well, it's kinda funny because I also got the guys on my album, as well. On a joint that I did…we kinda swapped out a little bit after we did some things. I was like, 'Well you know what, let's try something and see if we can come up with something for my album.' We think we came out with something that works."

With all the genres being blended and definitive format lines being blurred, Nelly also spoke about the future of music.

"I think music is going there with all genres of music. You've got kids growing up and there just not one dimensional anymore. With the internet and social media, it's kinda connecting everything at once. So somewhere, there's so kid that's flippin' back-and-forth, either between YouTube videos or iTunes, and he's playing country one minute, and he's playing hip-hop the next minute, he's playing pop the next minute. I think in another 20-30 years, there's no telling, I it's just gonna be music, it's just gonna be great energy, and I think fans are just gonna love a great feeling."