Exclusive: Canadian singer Amy Rose dishes on CMA Fest, strange fan requests, upcoming album and her fear of flying

Amy Rose

Amy Rose is a force to be reckoned with.

Channeling such singers as Trisha Yearwood, Pam Tillis and Dolly Parton, Amy is setting the Canadian music scene on fire. The singer's Music Row debut single "I Just Want You to Know" peaked at No. 85 last month on the tally, and her new US single "Party Like a Redneck" was shipped to radio last week, already gaining its first radio add with WKBQ in Covington, Tenn.

To say she has her work cut out for her as a female on radio would be an understatement. However, she says she's not discouraged by the ratio of males verses females currently on the airwaves. "It used to be a man's game," she told Examiner a few months back. "I think the females are taking it by storm, honestly. Every person you hear on the radio is a new up and coming artist. There's a lot of great males, but, you know, there's a lot more females."

In fact, it simply fuels her drive even more. Nashville Gab recently caught up with the mother of three about her growing success, her upcoming performance at CMA Fest, stange fan interactions and her fear of flying, and more.

Nashville Gab: So, it’s been two months since we last chatted, how have you been? What have you been up to?

Amy Rose: Everyday is just so crazy and crazier by the minute. We just released a new US single, “Party Like a Redneck,” and we’re getting ready to release our new Canadian single “Sunshine.” We’re doing a video for that one. We just came back from Nashville a few weeks ago, and we’re going back down for CMA Fest on June 7. We’re at BB Kings performing, as well as we gotta huge show going on up here on June 22 in Midland, my hometown, with the incredible Western Avenue.


NG: Did you ever think you’re career would start to take off like this this year?

AR: You know what, I thought when 2012 hit and things were getting really busy, I thought ‘ok, this is it, it can’t get much busier than this.’ 2013 just kind of boomed and it’s like things are happening and people are picking up the song to radio and people are calling for bookings. I would have never guessed in a million years that things would happen this fast. It’s not even fast. It’s one of those things where I’ve been in the industry for so long. You dream of this stuff to happen and when it finally does, it’s like ‘oh my god,’ you know?


NG: Have you been working on your upcoming album? How has that been coming along?

AR: Yea, we have. We’ve been in the studio doing that. We’re hoping…no official date has been set yet for it, but we’re really, really…we’re busting our chops. We’re really trying to get this album done. We’re hoping fall of this year. We’re crossing our fingers.


NG: Are there any specific details about the project that you can reveal right now?

AR: ‘I Just Want You to Know’ is going to be on this third album of mine, as well as ‘Party Like a Redneck.’ ‘Sunshine’ is going to be on that, [a song] that’ll be out in the US in September. There’s also a couple songs on here that I had a hand in writing. One is called “Cowboy Romeo,” really excited about that. This album is…basically, I’ve had a helping hand in this album right from the beginning. It wasn’t like my past albums where I was told what to sing, how to sing them, what songs were going on the album to what outfit I was going to wear for the album cover. This album is a product of what I’ve been involved in. So, I’ve had a hand in picking the songs, co-writing the songs, being in the studio and helping out with how the songs are going to be processed. I’ve co-produced it with my producers, as well as picked what I’m wearing on the album cover.


NG: How do you balance all those jobs, producer, songwriter, performer?

AR: A lot of patience. [laughs] It’s a lot of work, I’m not gonna lie, but it’s one of those things where you surround yourself with great people and great musicians, great producers, great songwriters, it all falls into place.


NG: “I Just Want You To Know” is now being released to European radio. Had you released singles in that market previously?

AR: No. It’s almost like the way that we are doing it is ‘I Just Want You to Know’ was my first Canadian release. Then, [it] went to the US. When [it] went to the US, ‘Party Like a Redneck’ was our Canadian release. Now that we are done with ‘I Just Want You to Know’ in the US, it’s going to the UK, and ‘Party Like a Redneck’ is going to the US. So, it’s almost like we are doing it in steps.


NG: You have new T-shirts out, and I’ve noticed you posting photos of fans wearing them. What is it like to have that kind of connection to your fans?

AR: Honestly, it is the best feeling in the world. It is basically, they’re are walking billboards. It’s great advertising, but to have them wear me and actually not feel weird about it is the greatest feeling in the world. My face is out there and it’s on somebody.


NG: Speaking of loyal fans, did you have someone tattoo your name on a body part?

AR: Yes, I had a fan who had tattooed their bum with my name. [laughs] Probably the ultimate fan. If anyone could beat that, I dare you. He actually sent me a Facebok message and said ‘you know, I’m your number 1 fan, and I tattooed your name on my butt.’ I was like ‘what! I’m gonna need proof of this.’

[Adding:] I’m almost certain that he’s going to get free access to shows because he’s just absolutely incredible.


NG: Have there been any other fan interactions that have struck you as overwhelming or weird?

AR: In the business, it has its perks. You have your really weird people that send you messages. Let me tell you, I have received some really, really weird ones. Also, at the same time, they’re fans. What can you do. You’re just excited that they like your music, and you just hope that it doesn’t persuade something else.
I had this weird message that this guy had sent me. He was like ‘hey, I’m a director.’ I was like ‘wow, a movie director, that’s awesome.’ He was like ‘I really enjoy your music, and think you’ve got the look for acting.’ I was like ‘oh, that’s awesome.’ Have I ever thought about acting? Yes. Is it something I’d love to do? Yes. It’s not something that’s on my plate right now. Then, he proceeds to tell me that he’s a porno director. I was like ‘oh god.’ [laughs]


NG: “Party Like a Redneck” is the most downloaded track on Airplay Access. What does it feel like to have that success?

AR: I’m crazy ecstatic over-the-moon happy, honestly. If you were to see the smile across my face right now, there’s no mistaking that I’m the happiest person walking around. Like I’ve said, it’s something that I’ve worked really hard on. It’s not just one of those things where it was an overnight thing. This is something I’ve been working on for 20-plus years. I released my first album when I was 13, and I’m 30 now. To have that happen and, you know, 20 years in the business and to think ‘wow, there were times where I just wanted to give up.’ There were times when, trust me, there were endless tears. To have that happen and to have my song be number one was just amazing.


NG: That song is going for adds this month here in the US, correct? Looking at the leading females right now, they aren’t releasing songs like that. Was that strategic in any way?

AR: It was one of those things where, [we] definitely wanted it to be the perfect anthem of the summer. When you think of redneck, you think ‘wow, it’s going to be a fun party song, beer drinking, let loose and have fun and dance.’ That’s what we were kind of going for. The timing of it just was perfect. ‘I Just Want You to Know’ had already been in its 15th week of release, and we knew we needed the next single to come out right after. We didn’t want to fall off the map, and [this song] seemed like the perfect choice. It was doing well on Canada, and it was picked up by CMT Canada. When we had hooked up with Allan Young, which is the radio promoter, we all agreed upon this being the second release. We need we wanted to save the best for our second.


NG: This year, you landed a Country Music Association of Ontario award nomination for Rising Star and a nod at the Independent Country Music Association Award for Country Female, Emerging, Song of the Year (for “I Just Want You to Know”). How does that feel?

AR: I’m walking around smiling ear-to-ear. It’s all of these things…the reason I have a smile on my face. I’m so happy because never in a million years did I think this would happen. Never in a million years did I think I would be nominated for an award, to boot three. So, it’s just a great feeling and honor. Honestly, I really get what people say when they say ‘even if I don’t win, it was truly an honor to be nominated.’ I really get that now. It really is. I don’t care if I win, as far as I’m concerned.


NG: Are you performing at the awards show?

AR: They’re still in the process of gathering the performers for the awards show. So, we’re not certain as of where we fall into place. We’re crossing our fingers that we get to perform. If not, it’s gonna be a great show. I’m just excited to be a part of that.


NG: Have you decided what you are gonna wear?

AR: I haven’t. I keep saying ‘I need to go dress shopping.’ So, you know, I really [do] need to go dress shopping. I’m actually going to visit my sister down in Idaho next Friday. I’m going to get on a plane, which I’m terrified of. So, my sister just had a brand new baby, Cheyenne Amy, which she named after me. I’m going to go down and see her, and while I’m down there, I’m going to go shopping with her. So, we’ll find something.


NG: So, you’ve never flown before?

AR: No. Everywhere we’ve gone, we’ve always travelled on the ground. To be on a plane, I’m terrified. You know what, I’m probably…I’ve got some god-awful fears. I’m afraid of planes; I’m afraid of bridges; I’m afraid of elevators; I’m afraid of boats. So, there’s really nothing left but trains and cars.


NG: You mentioned that you’re performing at CMA Fest on June 7th. Is this your first time ever going? Or have you attended in the past?

AR: No, this is my very first time going. You know, my very first time going and I’m one of the entertainers. So, we’re performing at BB Kings. It’s a Friday night. We’re gonna be there at 8 o’clock.


NG: How many songs will you be able to perform?

AR: We have a half hour set. So, I’m gonna say probably 10.


NG: Have you decided your setlist?

AR: Well, we’re definitely gonna be singing ‘I Just Want You to Know,’ which we made Top 85 for the New Music Road Station charts. We’re gonna do our new single ‘Party Like a Redneck.’ I don’t wanna give the whole setlist away. [laughs]


NG: How long will you be in town for that performance?

AR: That’s gonna be a really fast trip. We were down there a few weeks ago, and honestly, it was like the speed of lightning. We left Tuesday night at 9; we arrived there Wednesday around noon. Then, we had a show Wednesday night at 8, and then we left again Thursday morning to come back to Canada. So, it’s gonna be one of those again. We’re leaving on Thursday night, and we’ll arrive there Friday morning or afternoon. We have a show Friday night, and then we’ll leave Saturday morning to come back to Canada.

[Adding:] I’ll sleep most of the way. I’m the worst person for company if you want it in the car because I can’t stay awake.


NG: As you know, we recently lost the great George Jones. How influential was he to you growing up?

AR: You know, [he] was a great inspiration to not only me but every Country music artist on this planet. I’ll speak for everyone when I say it’s a great loss. It’s one of those things where, you know, we’ll honor him through music. He’ll live through his music.


NG: Do you have a favorite memory or song of his?

AR: I really loved him when during his Tammy Wynette years. I love their duets. I’m a huge Tammy Wynnette fan, as well. So, I think she did that song ‘Stand By Your Man,’ and I remember seeing a program and he was there. It was almost like she was singing it to him. The facial expressions that were on his face were just priceless.


NG: What role does play for an artist?

AR: I had no idea how important social media was until I met my manager, and honestly, he is a god savior. He’s amazing, probably the best manager a girl could ever have. He made me aware of these so-called social media sites. He got me hooked up on Twitter, as well as our Facebook fan page. We’ve got our My Space, our Reverbnation. It’s just one of those things where you gotta let the public know and fans know where you are each day and what’s going on with you.


NG: Would you ever consider doing a show like The Voice?

AR: Oh my gosh, yea. I love The Voice. I love American Idol. You know, they had that show Duets out. Kelly Clarkson was on it and Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland. Anything like that, I’m totally game for.


NG: If you did audition, what would be your audition song?

AR: I would probably spice it up and maybe do a yodeling song.


NG: Besides Country, what’s on your playlist right now?

AR: Well, I’m a huge AC DC fan and P!nk. P!nk is crazy awesome, and she’s just tearing up the charts right now.


NG: Do you have any guilty pleasure songs or albums?

AR: You know what, I’m still a New Kids on the Block fan. [laughs]


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