Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood being sued over their #1 hit “Remind Me”


Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are the latest victims of a bogus songwriting suit.

This time around, Dallas-based Amy Bowen is claiming Carrie and Brad's 2011 No. 1 hit "Remind Me" is actually hers.The singer-songwriter, who once lived in Nashville and performed under the name Lizza Connor, says she wrote the song in 2007, according to The Nashville City Paper.

Brad and Carrie's version was penned by Brad, Kelley Lovelace and Chris Dubois.


The court documents state that Amy's song "Remind Me" was copyrighted in 2008 and that she performed the song publicly a total of 19 instances. She also notes that she played the song at a workshop where Kelley and Chris were in attendance.

She also claims that her version is “substantially similar” to the 2011 hit.


Amy's chorus:

All it takes is your kiss to remind me

All I need is your touch to remind me

Yesterday's gone

Take me to the place we started from

When love was young

Baby, remind me


Brad and Carrie's chorus:

Been so long, bet you forget

The way I used to kiss your neck

Remind me, remind me

So on fire, so in love

Way back when we couldn't get enough

Remind me, remind me.


Amy is asking in excess of $10 million from the song.


Previously, Justin Moore and Tim McGraw have seen lawsuits served to them over various tunes. Justin's "Backwoods" sparked a suit last year. The case is still pending.

Likewise, Tim faced a similar case of his "Everywhere" in 2008 after a Texas songwriter sued him. Federal judge Todd Campbell dismissed it in March, citing lack of evidence sufficient enough to proceed.

Photo Credit: Brad Paisley


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