Be afraid because Taylor Swift might possibly be a time traveling Satanist

Vampire Taylor
Oooh! Oooh! We now know how Taylor Swift has gained such fame, power, and money in such a short amount of time … she's been praying to the Dark Lord!

I kid. I kid.

But seriously, not since the now infamous Civil War vampire Nicolas Cage photo made the rounds last year have we seen such an eerie likeness between two people separated by so much time as that of Miss Zeena LaVey, above, and Taylor Swift.

The crazy picture above is a screen shot taken from a video of an old Sally Jessy Raphael episode (probably from Halloween of '89) whose visiting Satanist (Satanista?) bears a striking resemblance to today's pop country princess.

Here's a bit of info on Zeena (formerly LaVey and now Schreck) from Wikipedia:

Zeena Schreck, is an American artist, musician, author, animal rights activist, Tantric Buddhist, and the spiritual leader of the Sethian Liberation Movement, which she founded in 2002.

FYI. I will from now on refrain from saying anything about Taylor Swift that can be interpreted as worthy of any sort of hex or curse, sacrifice at any sort of alter, or anything that might cause someone to want to send a demon to maim or kill me. You know, just to be on the safe side.

(Via BuzzFeed)