Artist Spotlight: Morgan White

Morgan White (Photo courtesy

29-year-old Morgan White grew up in the hills of Mingo Co, WV where opportunities were limited but her light never got dim. At twelve years old she attended her very first concert and when Vince Gill took the stage she knew exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Influenced by her Grandmother, who bought Morgan her very first karaoke machine, that is where it all began. Morgan was also influenced by Martina Mcbride and Reba McEntire and she hopes to one day command the stage as they do. Her biggest performance so far has been the King Coal Festival in Williamson, WV where she sang for a few hundred people. However, she has been working on a current album in Nashville with producer/writer Beau Fuller and playing for a bigger crowd is surely in her near future. Morgan has always been one to set high goals for herself, some would say those goals are unrealistic, she says without dreams you just can’t succeed. Morgan prefers to leave her life in God’s hands but the dreamer in her would love to have a Grammy one day. Morgan has a true country music voice and yet it’s very authentic. She is a sweet soul with a genuwine presence about her. Check out one of Morgan’s videos below.


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