An update regarding me being an old lady

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Thank you everyone for all your kind words after I spilled the news last night that I had suffered a mild stroke over the weekend. 

Yes, I'm 38 going on 90.

The good news is despite my right hand still acting like it's controlled by some alien with a bad sense of humor, I get to go home today. Just waiting for my hubby to get his ass over here to the hospital.

The other good news is that the hopefully future-stroke-preventing-life-saving blood pressure medicine they've put me on is all available on the Walmart $4 list.

Thank you Walmart!

I still have no insurance because I'm an idiot, so let's just hope the hospital has some sort of $4 list like Walmart does.

Now my fellow Gabbers, go enjoy your life while I try and tame this damn alien-controlled hand.

I shall return … sooner rather than later I hope.