Is country music ready for its first openly gay megastar?

A record label rep friend of mine said this:
“Sad to say but I’m not sure. I’d like to think we’ve progressed as a
format and then you hear about the tweet that Darius got and you think
we haven’t come that far at all.”

Fellow bloggers had this to say: “I know the show
Nashville touched upon that with the character Will Lexington coming on
to Gunnar Scott and that was a very suprising moment in the series. As
far as the general public being ready for an gay artist, I think society
is, depending on the content of the artist’s lyrics.

You look
at how the NBA player, Jason Collins, was accepted by his fellow players
and the sports community and I think the initial reaction would be
similar. The only thing that holds me back from saying it would be fully
supported, is the themes of country music. The reason I love country
music is the stories, whether they be about love, family, heartbreak, or
happiness. To be accepted as an artist and to be authentic, I would
think if an artist comes out as openly gay, they would have to sing
songs about their personal beliefs and experiences. Each person
experiences life differently. Is the overall public ready to hear 10-12
tracks on album with lyrics about those experiences? I am not quite
sure. It worked for the R&B singer, Frank Ocean. Can it work for a
country singer? Chely Wright is openly gay and is a country singer;
however, not one with huge star power. But for the country community to
be ready for a gay megastar, I think it would depends on what content
the artist sings about after he or she would come out.” –@ryankentm


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